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Trail Life USA is a Christ-centered, boy-focused outdoor adventure and mentoring program aimed at developing character, leadership, and a sense of purpose in boys from Kindergarten through 12th grade within a troop setting. Guided by male mentors, the program is built on biblical values and involves engaging outdoor activities designed to challenge young men in their character growth, understanding of purpose, community service, and leadership skills. While the Troop is chartered through a local church, it is open to everyone in the community, regardless of affiliation with Crosspoint or any other organization.

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Latest News and Updates

Praise God! We have all of our leadership positions pending background checks!
✅Senior Ministry Leader (SML)
✅Troop Ministry Liaison (TML)
✅Troopmaster (TM)
✅Committee Chair (CC)
✅Treasurer (TREAS)
✅Chaplain (CHAP)

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The process usually involves meeting the troop, understanding their activities and values, and then registering to become a member. If interested in joining click below.

Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits

Joining Trail Life USA offers several benefits, including character development, leadership skills, and outdoor adventure experiences. Members engage in activities that foster moral strength and character growth, guided by Christian principles. The program emphasizes leadership training, teamwork, and community service, providing opportunities for personal growth and development. Additionally, the outdoor adventures and activities promote physical fitness and a love for nature. It’s a space where boys can build lasting friendships and learn valuable life skills in a supportive, faith-based community. For more detailed information, you can visit their website here.

Leadership Opportunities

Roles and Responsibilities:
The Charter Organization selects and appoints a core leadership team:

●  The Troop Ministry Liaison (TML), oversees the ministry, leadership, and activities of the Troop on behalf of Crosspoint Community Church.

●  The Troop Committee Chairperson leads the rest of the Troop Committee to govern the Troop’s operation and oversee its program.

●  The Troop Treasurer maintains the Troop budget and accounting of funds.

●  The Troopmaster serves on the Troop Committee to represent all direct contact leaders and Unit programs

●  The Troop Chaplain is responsible for instilling the faith-based program of the Troop.

●  Additional Committee members can be added after the Charter is approved. Committee positions can be created to focus on a variety of committee functions as additional leaders become available and committed to the program.

The direct contact program leaders are also added after the Charter is approved. They are the Ranger (Woodlands Trail leader), Trailmaster (Navigators leader), Advisor (Adventurers leader), and Trail Guides who work with their respective Unit leaders (Ranger, Trailmaster, and Advisor).


Application Process: email if interested

Programs and Activities

Overview of Programs:

Trail Life USA offers programs for boys from Kindergarten through 12th grade, divided into distinct age groups: Woodlands Trail (K-5th grade), Navigators (6th-8th grade), and Adventurers (9th-12th grade). Each program is tailored to the developmental stage of the participants, focusing on outdoor adventure, character development, leadership skills, and community service. The activities and curriculum are designed to be engaging and challenging, promoting growth in physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. For a detailed overview of each program, please visit their website here.

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